Writing a business case for a new employee

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Writing a business case for a new employee

Making your current employees work multiple projects on overtime time away from families, hobbies can put a drain on productivity and creativity. What aspects do I need to focus on to build a rock-solid business case to hire more people? One thing which would help is having some system to at the very least guesstimate your department workload.

Saying "we are overworked" is not meaningful. This sort of crude estimation is only good if you have no meaningful metrics.

Why do it this way?

This information lets management determine: Are the projects important enough to justify additional headcount? Does there need to be a better prioritizing system?

Perhaps your department needs to turn down requests. Implement a prioritization system where non-urgent requests are ignored unless all urgent ones are accomplished Is your average request time appropriate?

Making a Business Case in HR: An Illustrated Example | ERE

Can workflow improvements help reduce the workload? Is another team overstaffed and those resources available for a reorg?

writing a business case for a new employee

Data is everything in this. Presenting the above information is much much much more meaningful to management. Historical information is even better to have.

Keep in mind too that if you add headcount at a critical point in a project, you might actually make the project take longer.

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However if you are hoping to launch a project in a few months, adding lots of interview, HR, and onboarding time to an already overworked team is not necessarily the best idea. However only delay this work if there is a reprise in sight. What if no one cares? You might run into situations where no one cares.

Or basically says "whatever, the department works, no problems yet. Then you need to determine if a stressful job is worth it to you. If managers feel no "pain" they will not add headcount.

You need to basically determine if this environment is one you are willing to work in - if not, act accordingly. Closing thoughts Keep in mind too the process for adding headcount can be a long process even when your boss, your bosses boss, and perhaps even more levels higher agree.

Overall company performance, budgeting, forecasting, etc all factor into whether this is possible.Make informed hiring decisions using this new hire business case template.

The new hire business case will help to make a more informed hiring decision. Even organizations that do not require a formal business case will benefit from considering and documenting the factors influencing the hiring decision.

A Dear Needs to Know: As you plan your case, keep in mind the universal objectives of everycompany: using resources as efficiently as possible, having productiveemployees, and ultimately creating a successful business, sooner rather thanlater.

Developing a Business Case. By Rosalie McGovern, General Manager, Marketing and Business Development, Direct Marketing, Canada Post. Business cases are a key tool for marketers.

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Before you start writing your business case Creating a business case document is actually the last of several stages that must be completed before you present it.

Throughout these stages, it may become apparent that the project is not currently feasible. put it away and return with fresh eyes. Add any new items that occur to the checklist. A Simple Strategy That Will Help You Hire More People.

April 9, Employee Relations, Hiring, Nor do these numbers include the hidden costs associated with training the new employee, since there will be a temporary drop in efficiency.

Make a Business Case That Support Your Needs.

writing a business case for a new employee
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