Write a biographical sketch of sachin tendulkar wife

Tendulkar has three elder siblings: As a young boy, Tendulkar was considered a bully, and often picked up fights with new children in his school. He introduced him to Ramakant Achrekara famous cricket coach and a club cricketer of repute, at Shivaji ParkDadar.

Write a biographical sketch of sachin tendulkar wife

Membership of Rajya Sabha is limited by the Constitution to a maximum of members, Members sit for staggered six-year terms, with one third of the members retiring every two years. The Rajya Sabha has equal footing in all areas of legislation with Lok Sabha, except in the area of supply, in the case of conflicting legislation, a joint sitting of the two houses can be held.

The Deputy Chairman, who is elected from amongst the houses members, the Rajya Sabha held its first sitting on 13 May The salary and other benefits for a member of Rajya Sabha are same as for a member of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha members are elected by state legislatures rather than directly through the electorate by single transferable vote method.

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Article 84 of the Constitution lays down the qualifications for membership of Parliament, must be elected by the Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories by means of Single transferable vote through Proportional representation.

Must have their name present on the voters list, cannot be an insolvent, i. Should not hold any office of profit under the Government of India.

Should not be of unsound mind, must possess such other qualifications as may be prescribed in that behalf by or under any law made by Parliament. In addition, twelve members are nominated by the President of India having special knowledge in areas like arts.

However, they are not entitled to vote in Presidential elections as per Article 55 of the Constitution, the Constitution of India places some restrictions on Rajya Sabha which makes Lok Sabha more powerful in certain areas in comparison.

If Rajya Sabha fails to return the bill in fourteen days, also, if Lok Sabha rejects any of the amendments proposed by Rajya Sabha, the bill is deemed to have been passed by both Houses of Parliament in the form Lok Sabha finally passes it.

write a biographical sketch of sachin tendulkar wife

Hence, Rajya Sabha cannot stall, or amend, a bill without Lok Sabhas concurrence on the same. Article provides for a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament in certain cases, considering that the numerical strength of Lok Sabha is more than twice that of Rajya Sabha, Lok Sabha tends to have a greater influence in a joint sitting of Parliament.

A joint session is chaired by the Speaker of Lok Sabha, in Indian federal structure, Rajya Sabha is a representative of the States in the Union legislature 2. Balamuralikrishna — Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna was an Indian Carnatic vocalist, musician, multi-instrumentalist, playback singer, composer, and character actor.

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Balamuralikrishna started his career at the age of six, up to the present time, he has given over 25, concerts worldwide. He is also known for popularizing the compositions of Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasu, Balamuralikrishnas concerts combine sophisticated vocal skills and rhythmic patterns of classical music with the popular demand for entertainment value.

Apart from his tongue, Telugu, his works also include ones in other languages like Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali. His clear diction in several languages prompted an invitation to record Tagores entire Rabindra Sangeet compositions in Bengali and he has sung in French, and even ventured into jazz fusion, collaborating with the top Carnatic percussion teacher, Sri T.

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Subash Chandran, in a concert for Malaysian royalty, in Februaryhe did a three-day concert in Visakhapatnam. Balamurali Krishna was born in Sankaraguptam, East Godavari District, Madras Presidency and his father was a well known musician and his mother was a veena player.

Balamuralikrishnas mother died when he was an infant and he was raised by his father, observing his interest in music, his father put him under the tutelage of Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu, a direct descendant of the shishya parampara of Tyagaraja.

Under his guidance, the young Balamuralikrishna learned Carnatic music, at the age of eight, he gave his first full-fledged concert at a Thyagaraja Aradhana in Vijayawada. Musunuri Suryanarayana Murty Bhagavatar, a Harikatha performer, saw the talent in him. Balamuralikrishna thus began his career at a very young age.

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By the age of fifteen he had mastered all the 72 melakartha ragas and had composed krithis in the same, the Janaka Raga Manjari was published in and recorded as Raagaanga Ravali in a nine-volume series by the Sangeeta Recording Company.

Not merely content with his fame as a Carnatic vocalist, very soon started playing the kanjira, mridangam, viola and he also accompanied various musicians in violin and is also noted to give solo viola concerts.

Characteristic of Balamuralikrishnas musical journey has been his non-conformism, spirit of experimentation, Balamuralikrishna has experimented with Carnatic music system by keeping its rich tradition untouched. The ragas like Ganapathi, Sarvashri, Mahati, Lavangi etc. Ragas like Lavangi are set to three or four notes in ascending and descending scale, Ragaas created by him, like Mahathi, Lavangi, Sidhdhi, Sumukham have only four notes, while Ragaas created by him, like Sarva Sri, Omkaari, Ganapathy have only three notes 3.Sachin Tendulkar is the most inexhaustible run scorer in one-day internationals with 17, runs.

With a current aggregate of Test runs, he exceeded Brian Lara's previous record count of 11, runs as the highest run scorer in .


The most august name in the history of the old Roman world, and perhaps of all antiquity, is that of Julius Caesar; and a new interest has of late been created in this extraordinary man by the brilliant sketch of his life and character by Mr.

Froude, who has whitewashed him, as is the fash.

write a biographical sketch of sachin tendulkar wife

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When I reached out to hug my father, he didn't hug me back. When I was scared on an airplane, he didn't put his arm around me and say, ´Michael, don't worry. Vijender invites Tendulkar for WBO Asia title fight Star boxer Vijender Singh invited Sachin Tendulkar for his WBO Asia title fight here and briefed the cricket legend about the structure and future of professional boxing.

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