When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on line benefit an organizatio

When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on-line benefit an organization? Factory Floors Go Online:

When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on line benefit an organizatio

Oil prices have stabilized since the last major crash, and are continuing to improve — a sign of recovery for the offshore energy industry. Overall, the industry is still working to recover from the massive depression of oil prices since their last peak in While traditional offshore oil and gas platforms have struggled to find 10 their footing again, there is potential growth for fiber systems in the renewables market — specifically offshore wind farms.

While demand in this arena is still not at the level of even a muted oil and gas industry, any new opportunities for submarine fiber systems should be welcomed with open arms. The data used in this article is ob- tained from the public domain and is tracked by the ever evolving STF Analytics database, where products like the Almanac, Cable Map, Online Cable Map and Industry Report find their roots.

There were 4 more systems were planned for10 systems planned for and no systems planned yet for The change in planned systems count has resulted in 2 systems being implemented this year, 4 systems planned for9 systems planned for and 3 systems planned for There are even a handful of systems planned forthough they are currently in the extremely early development stages.

When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on line benefit an organizatio

With new systems ultimately being tied to the price of oil, these numbers are subject to change based on the whim of the markets.

If oil prices remain low, expect more systems to be delayed or die out. However, if the recent price increases indicate a new trend, system builds can be expected to increase. This steep decline — which started in the latter half of — is the primary reason saw no new systems implemented.

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Many systems either died outright or were pushed back to and beyond. The offshore energy industry is still reeling from this rapid price decline, and growth has continued at a muted pace as a result.

While is currently predicted to have a huge spike in system activity, it is unclear whether oil prices and energy demand have recovered enough to support such an optimistic outlook. On the other hand, offshore renewables — specifically offshore wind farms — continue to increase in popularity across the globe, particularly in Europe.

This section of the offshore energy industry is still nowhere near the established oil and gas market, but it is worth keeping an eye on for the future as more and more countries around the globe look to shift away from fossil fuels. A 2,kilometer spike is observed in thanks to a single 2,kilometer system in the AustralAsia region while and show more moderate growth.


An addition of kilometers is projected forkilometers forand a large jump of nearly 4, kilometers for So far, shows no increase as all the proposed projects have yet to announce a system length. If the price of oil continues current trends, expect these numbers to remain steady or slightly increase.

From a regional perspective, the Gulf of Mexico and AustralAsia regions will be the busiest over the next several years. The two regions combined are set to account for 56 percent of all planned system activity for West Africa will see a total of 2 new systems, with most of the remaining regions of the world seeing only a single new system in their future.

These numbers closely parallel those of a year ago, and follow trends in the general oil and gas industry.

Putting factory floor on-line benefit an organization?

While the offshore energy industry at large has slowed down in recent years, the Gulf of Mexico and AustralAsia regions continue to see high levels of expansion. It is this growth that drives these regions to the top of the pile with regards to new system activity, and should continue to do so over the next few years.

From shore to shore. To learn more, ask your cabler about OFS or visit www. This is largely the result of multiple system delays pushing systems planned for into — especially the large and expensive systems in Africa. They account for While the number of proposed systems in the region is low, West Africa is expected to see 3, kilometers of cable added in This number accounts for over 40 percent of all planned cable and is one of the primary reasons for such a large dollar investment in the region, the other being political instability known to plague the region.

Notably, the Mediterranean and North American regions show no activity planned throughthough there is talk of a North American system beyond This year, that split has moved even more in favor of dedicated systems. As of now, 81 percent of all planned systems for will be dedicated.

This trend towards dedicated systems should continue to increase, as all systems planned so far for and beyond will be dedicated systems. As companies push further out and explore new areas for drilling, they can rely less and less on existing systems managed by telecom providers.

With most of the heavy growth in offshore energy happening in previously untapped areas, expect the prevalence of dedicated systems to continue. In addition, similar to the trend of Over the Top service providers in the general submarine fiber market moving towards cable ownership, offshore energy companies are looking to outright own their telecoms infrastructure.

This can potentially provide much better flexibility and much better control of overhead costs.When it comes to inventory control the Internet plays an innovative and productive part in the factory floor of an organization.

Maintaining a constant awareness of real-time data of the supply chain will help the factory floor inventory managers to maintain the proper level of 5/5(2).

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Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America/5(3). A major problem faced by manufacturing organizations is providing efficient and cost-effective responses to the unpredictable changes taking place in global markets and in supply chains.

When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on line benefit an organizatio

Putting factory floor on-line benefit an organization? Add Remove. When it comes to inventory control how will putting its factory floor on-line benefit an organization?

(PDF) An Agent-based System for Sales and Operations Planning in Manufacturing Supply Chains

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