What makes me unique

Are you engaging, entertaining, moving, intense, funny, bold, ditzy, serene, boring, or threatening? Beliefs What do you believe about life, the universe, or about yourself?

What makes me unique

Share Tweet You are you, and no one else. Believe it or not, every person is different from the other in one or more ways, and so are you. This happens because others can differentiate you from the rest. You possess certain things that make you unique in your own way.

These possessions can be well turned into advantages if you are intelligent enough. Infact, intelligence itself sets you apart from others.

What makes me unique

Knowing what makes you special can help you harness your uniqueness into something productive. It may help you in earning popularity and allowing people to identify them with you. Your ways, your dealings, your life, your journey depends on all those intrinsic things you have by birth or you acquired during the process of growing up.

It is your individuality. Once you know it, you can understand how you perceive life under the shades of your own interests. So, what are those things that make you this special? Your beliefs and culture: What do you believe about this world? What do you think of the tiniest and the hugest of things on earth?

How much are you drawn towards the mysteries of life? Most importantly, what do you believe about yourself? Different people may answer these questions differently. These beliefs are what make you a different person. Also, your approach towards god, evil and spirituality imparts individuality to you.

Nextly, what is your culture? Do you follow your culture like every other person in your society? How ethnic are you? Or maybe, how conservative or liberal are you-all of it reflects in your decisions and makes you different from all others.

Your aspirations and goals: Almost every person on earth has a goal, or a vision, or atleast a hope to achieve something. Their dreams may be big or small, for short run or long run, for themselves or their family, but their dreams exist.

You too might be cultivating an ambition within the bounds of your eyes. You may be an aspiring doctor, actor, engineer, economist, sociologist, historian, or chartered accountant or any other thing for that matter, but these aspirations are part of your unique identity.

Every day, we may set big or small goals for ourselves. You, then, may be able to complete them or may not be. But these goals make us what we are. They make you realize your caliber along with shaping your future.Siri makes your voice the on/off switch.

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The biggest thing I learned when I pounded the pavement as an actor was, well, me — my “uniqueness,” my spark, what makes me unique, and where I thrive.

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