What if tektonics essay

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What if tektonics essay

That Jesus either a never made any claims to deity; b that His claims were altered by His biased followers; or, c His claims were misunderstood by His ignorant followers.

Do these ideas hold any water? Robinson in Redating the New Testament and in The Priority of John, presents a cogent argument for dating John in the same time period as the other Gospels, between AD, with proto-gospel material and traditions dating into the two decades previous.

Others have presented similar arguments for an earlier date for John than is often presumed see particularly Chars. For now, at the end of this section, we shall only address one piece of John which is a key to understanding the claims that it includes. And what of the Synoptics?

The fact is that there are ample recorded claims of divinity by Jesus in the Synoptics, which operate against the assumption that only John shows Jesus making such claims.

The divinity claims in the Synoptics give a quite unambiguous statement What if tektonics essay what Jesus meant when He made those claims. We do NOT, of course, find the direct claim: The claims, as we shall see, are more precisely fitting to the proclamation: Even the NT itself, though it refers to Jesus as God cf.

There were reasons for this, as Brown [Brow. It referred strictly to the Father of Jesus, to the God whom he prayed. Gradually in the 50s and 60s? What would we make of the verse that said, "the Father was in God, reconciling the world to himself"?

For the sake of clarity, the distinction had to be kept foremost in the text. Harris notes other reasons for the distinction; among them, the need to avoid a misunderstanding of there being two Gods; a need to keep the emphasis upon the humanity of Jesus without expense to His Deity; and in our own time, the problem of our language making "Jesus is God" mean the same thing as "God is Jesus" - which suggests a numerical identity which is NOT part of the total package.

The claims of Jesus, at any rate, can be understood and interpreted in light of the context and setting in which they were made: But what of defending the authenticity of these claims as being the words of Jesus, rather than the invention of his followers?

My son the fanatic essay writer

Generally, how valid is this idea that Jesus never claimed divinity? Broken down, it can never be more than a rhetorical and speculative argument; until some device is invented to pluck long-enunciated words from the air, we can not prove, or disprove, that any given historical personage prior to recording technology said anything - and even then there is the possible problem of tampering and doctored records.

Not all is thought of as this hopeless, of course; but there are those who think that they have solutions to determine "who said what" in hand.

Specifically, the Jesus Seminar professes to use certain guidelines to determine what Jesus actually said: One, for example, is that any saying of Jesus that reflects a teaching of the early church is probably not authentic.

This is indeed a dubious guideline. Is it not more probable, rather, that the early church based their teachings on the actual sayings of Jesus? Is this not the normal method whereby any person gains a following?

However, there is ample indication that the early church based its doctrine on things Jesus said and did, including His claims to divinity, rather than inventing what He said and did after formulating the doctrines.

Moule of Cambridge, and others have proved that within twenty years of the crucifixion a full-blown Christology proclaiming Jesus as God incarnate existed. How does one explain this worship by monotheistic Jews of one of their countrymen as God incarnate, apart from the claims of Jesus himself? The oldest liturgical prayer recorded, in 1 Corinthians Tender buttons summary analysis essay.

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A full discussion of the date of the Johannine Gospel is beyond our scope in this essay, but we will, for the sake of argument, not consider most of the claims to divinity in John's Gospel. For now, at the end of this section, we shall only address one piece of John which .

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What if tektonics essay
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