Uniqueness in an individual

Only in the rights to their own lives and property are people equal. Those and only those rights are inalienable for all human beings. By nature, no one has an automatic or natural right to anything else in life. Moreover, beyond the equality of individual or property rights, nothing is, can, or should be equal between human beings.

Uniqueness in an individual

Study shows how easy it is to determine someone's identity with cell phone data March 25, by Lisa Zyga, Phys.

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The original photo is on the right. Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, et al. By analyzing 15 months of cell phone mobility data from 1. The study has implications for modifying privacy law in order to keep pace with technological advances.

The reason that four locations are sufficient to identify most people is simply that human mobility is unique. Just as how everyone has unique fingerprintseveryone has unique daily travels.

In the case of fingerprints, Edmond Locard showed in that only 12 points are needed to uniquely identify a fingerprint. Likewise, the researchers' data shows that just four spatio-temporal points are needed to uniquely identify the mobility trace of an individual.

In other words, it's not likely that someone else will be in the same locations as you are at four different times of day. As the researchers noted, these four points that allow for the identification of individuals could come from information that is publicly available, such as the individual's home address, workplace address, or Twitter posts.

One might expect that the data would provide more anonymity by decreasing the resolution of the data, which is done by increasing the time range from one hour to several hours and increasing the spatial range from a few square meters to several hundred square meters.

As an analogy, decreasing the resolution of a photograph causes people in the photograph to appear blurry and unidentifiable.

But this is not what happens when decreasing the resolution of mobility data. Surprisingly, the researchers found that decreased resolution does not make the data that much more anonymous; a few more pieces of information are all that is needed to identify individuals.

The unique traces of mobile phone users, along with the information that can be inferred from them, highlight the importance of understanding the privacy bounds of human mobility.

As the focal point of their paper, the researchers used these results to develop a mathematical formula that tells the probability of uniquely identifying an individual based on the data's temporal and spatial resolution.

Essentially, they found a formula for estimating privacy. These results highlight the potential risk to individual privacy and anonymity from mobility data combined with publicly available information.

The researchers hope that the findings will help inform the design of future policies and technologies.

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Our formula allows us to estimate privacy, so now the question is how do we use it to balance things out and make it a fair deal for everybody?Real Entrepreneurs Embrace Your Uniqueness and Customers Will Follow, Says This Luxury Travel Entrepreneur.

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The hertz whale is an individual whale of unidentified species, which calls at the very unusual frequency of 52 timberdesignmag.com pitch is a much higher frequency than that of the other whale species with migration patterns most closely resembling this whale's – the blue whale (10–39 Hz) or fin whale (20 Hz).

It has been detected regularly in many locations since the late s and appears to be. Individualism is all about taking care of yourself; it is the belief and practice that every person is unique and self-reliant.

Uniqueness in an individual

A belief in individualism also implies that you believe that the government should bud out of your individual affairs.

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