Teach 4 year olds to write abcs on you tube

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Teach 4 year olds to write abcs on you tube

I love sharing activities for 3 year olds that I know work. Activities that use play to introduce and make the alphabet playful. There is NO need to sit your 3 year old down and force feed them letter recognition.

Include letters into their everyday play and if they show interest jump on it, but never force it. Here are 12 of my favorite playful alphabet activities for 3 year olds.

Painting with letter cookie cutters is probably one of my favorite simple letter activities for 3 year olds. Alphabet Mail — this is one of the biggest hits in my preschool class.

Children love this simple alphabet activity. Button Letters — hopefully by now your 3 year old has stopped putting buttons in their mouth but if not try this with Cherrios or Fruit Loops. Play dough is perfect for 3 year olds.

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This Alphabet Play Dough is a staple in my preschool classroom. Alphabet Flower Garden — Letters pop up and as your child adds the petals to these flowers they can ask about the letter, recognize it and say something or do nothing at all, heck they can even flip it over so no letter shows.

Alphabet Discovery Bottle — my 3 year old students loved this bottle. They searched for their first letters, and then helped friends look for theirs. You can create a matching game for children ready for that or just keep it as a letter finding game for those who are not. Remember all children develop interest in letters at their own pace, our job is to be a buffet full of enticing options.

Letter cookie cutters and slime. This post focuses on letter sounds for older kids, ignore that and just focus on playing with the cookie cutters and squishy slime!

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Outdoor Alphabet Hunt — do you have a sharpie and some Duplo? Make swirls, circles, or letters with this Salt Tray. It is a wonderfully forgiving way to learn to make shapes and letters. Some three year olds are eager to write in my experience once with older siblings especiallyand this is a great developmentally appropriate way to encourage that.

Find the letter and then make it disappear with this fun alphabet activity. These Disappearing Letters can have a bunch of different letters on the filter or just one or two. FREE Printables to use with Letter Cookies — while two of these printables are definitely for more advanced kiddos read older, though I am sure some 3 year old out there is ready for them, though not the average one the lowercase — uppercase match game would work for many older 3 year olds.

Heck just getting snacks and treats with letters on them is rad. Whatever works for them!

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teach 4 year olds to write abcs on you tube

By Scholastic Editors. October 15, Grade. K-3 Blog Post 12 Discussion and Writing Prompts. Preschool and kindergarten activities, crafts, and good old PLAY ideas. Each activity has a specific learning element.

teach 4 year olds to write abcs on you tube

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Shaving Cream Painting is a process art activity for preschoolers and toddlers. (My 7 year old loves it too.) You need minimal supplies and I guarantee that your 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old child will have at least 30 minutes of sensory fun. A fabulous collection of the best books for 2 year olds- made by a mom of a 2 year old!

These were some of my favorites too! Find this Pin and more on DIY Ideas by Kimber - The Pinning Mama. If you're looking for the best books for 2 year old girls keep reading! Fun ways to teach letter recognition and practice the alphabet, including letter games, books, crafts, and FREE printable resources to build letter and phonics 26 different ways to write letters.

Make letter writing (and handwriting) fun and interactive for your preschool, pre-k, & kindergarten students. My 3 and 5 year olds both loved.

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