School bullying and suicide psychology essay

SHARE Over the last few weeks, I have had a flurry of calls from "stressed out" parents because their kids said to them: I want to end it all. But the question remains: Is bullying the cause of some suicides?

School bullying and suicide psychology essay

School Bullying And Suicide Psychology Essay School Bullying And Suicide Psychology Essay Bullying is the take action of an person or an organization of men and women being hostile to other people through uttered words, physical contact and physiological torture.

Bullying may father include slugging to an individual level where explanations about ones parents, appearance, hygiene, artier or personality receive as well as damage to ones property, calling of unnecessary names, pressured labor, threats to life and bogus accusations Smith,p.

The contributors of bullying at university level but educator may add as well. In most cases junior pupils or students in an institution will be the victims though occasionally, teachers and older students are bullied as well.

The powerful of media information about bullying demands tough measures to stop this vice, various studies have been completed and the observation has been that indeed there still are instances of bullying and especially in colleges. Oddly enough, bullying in college occurs both within the institution compound and out of the compound, there have been circumstances of bullying in the school buses, on students and pupils in the past home and even again at home all of which are powered by occurrences back again at university.

One can not conclusively associate suicide in institution directly to bullying, previous conditions that have been reported in situations where both the old and the young have devoted suicide have partly been associated with bullying but there has not experienced many instances to show that bullying has resulted in suicide Smith,p.

In some instances students that commit suicide are thought to did so because of stress that derive from examinations strains or personal relationships. However there have been reported circumstances of suicides that have come about as a result of bullying, for example the case of an 15 season old in the who felt offended by his classmates teasing him about his weight made him take his life using his fathers hand gun Brenda, Morison,p.

Another dangerous facet of death as a result of bullying are the ones that result from revenge, some children are compelled to retaliate by taking g the lives of those that offend them either immediately or over time.

In a report carried out in Ireland in demonstrated that the number of the bullies and there victims was higher in remedial universities compared to the normal colleges Smith,p. This indicates the character of a person greatly decides whether he participates in bullying or not.

The victims of bullying are usually afflicted in a permanent set alongside the bullies, normally bullies wont value the social guidelines put in place, they are usually proud, feared, outspoken while the victims are usually worried by the incident which could or may well not come, uneasy and sometimes confused.

How then would this issue be resolved if it had not been appreciated as one? It is until the resent former that some countries have began carrying studies on bullying; ironically, many third word countries which surely have these problems so rampant in their institution are yet to perform researches and try to solve this problem.

The ones that are bullied feel shy to report, while the remaining group stays hesitant to reporting. The peers who are relationship with these groups of people will always know of the vice taking place but will simply take it as a normal interaction.

Teachers though not all in primary school do appreciate the effects of bullying at their degree of teaching, while a majority of teacher is supplementary school do declare that indeed there exists bullying in school, however only a few teacher do know how to approach conditions of bullying this being because most of the bullying situations occur out of the school in their absence.

The incidence of bullying would definitely be increased in extra school because each goes much unpunished in main school, at a higher level of learning, the ones that participated in bullying still feel that they can do the same and steer clear of punishment, at the same time the ones that were victims may develop the craving to revenge thus increasing the amount of bullying activities.

Working out professors get is not sufficient in setting up them to deal with the issue of bullying and the amount to which they should package with it. Because of this some teachers think that the inclusion associated with an in-service teachers training in the problem of bullying would be of great gain Mc Cathy,p.

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They could also sincerely not know of the entire effects of bullying because almost all of the situations go unreported. Children may as well supply the most correct information though there exists the situation of confidentiality, for you to get information from the kids then he must work so hard to ensure that the kids get confidence in him.

Many bullying victims contemplate suicide or other bodily harm. In some cases of bullying, the victim has been know to “lash out” against the bully and other students who have let the bullying happen, by committing an act of violence. School bullying is a type of bullying that occurs in any educational setting.. For an act to be considered bullying it must meet certain criteria. This includes hostile intent, imbalance of power, repetition, distress, and provocation. Essay: School bullying Although many believe that school bullying has decreased, statistics show that bullying has increased incredibly among the years. ‘Bullying is a repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behavior by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group that is intended to cause harm.

The ones that are bullied usually shy faraway from writing their experience while the ones that bully do not easily talk about because or fear that the in creation they give may land them into trouble.

The use of questionnaire to both the children, parents and teachers to a greater level can help find information about bullying.A link does exist between bullying and suicide, but it is not as simple as assuming that a victim will contemplate or commit suicide.

Rather, the situation stems from multiple factors. According to, “Although kids who are bullied are at risk of suicide, bullying alone is not the cause.

Like essays on classroom management, essays on school violence, and essays on teen suicide, school bullying essays are concerned with the environment in which our children learn and how this environment affects them emotionally and physically.

Many mental health professionals and suicide prevention specialists say that school bullying doesn't cause suicide.

They suggest there is something "far deeper" going on in adolescents and.

Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay Sample Posted on November 17, by EssayShark Bullying is now recognized as a widespread and usually neglected problem in school around the globe because it implicates severe consequences for children who initiate the bullying .

Essay about Social Psychology Behind Teen Suicide Words | 8 Pages. Teen suicide is a major problem in our society today. The adolescent suicide rate has tripled since , while being the largest cause of death between the ages of 15 and Whenever a bullied child commits suicide, the school administration insists that it wasn’t the result of bullying but of the child's unrelated underlying psychological problems.

School bullying and suicide psychology essay
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