Process analysis essay on volleyball

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Process analysis essay on volleyball

The ball is supposed to be of a 67 cm circumference and weighing between and g. In addition, the ball is should be spherical and made from synthetic leather or just leather. The rules stipulate that each team should comprise of six players.

A coin is tossed to determine which team gets to serve the ball first. The ball is supposed to be returned from the side it came from with no more than three contacts on it.

The three contacts are usually referred to as a pass, a set, and the final touch is the attack. This forces the team which is on defence, to try and prevent the ball from been rallied onto their side.

The players do this by trying to block the ball, but if the ball flies past them, the other players on the team focuus on controlling the ball so that it is rallied back to the other side before it touches the ground on their side.

This process continues for some time and it forms a back, and forth setting until one side makes an error. A score results when one team makes a mistake.


The team with no error is the one that is awarded a point. This is despite the fact they did or did not serve the ball. The ball is then served for the next point by the team that won the last point.

Process analysis essay

Noticeably, only the ball, which touches the ground within the marked line, is the one which is counted like a point. In case, a team wins a point, and it did not serve the ball, its players are supposed to rotate their position clock wisely.

The team, which garners 25 points first and is leading by two points, is given the set. The game has a total of five sets, and the fifth set is sometimes played to fifteen points.The process analysis essay (also called a how-to essay) is a formal paper in which you are expected to describe a process to your reader.

Arrange the steps in your process in an orderly sequence. Arrange the steps in your process in an orderly sequence. Here's a draft of a short process-analysis essay, "How to Make a Sand Castle." In terms of content, tossing a volleyball or just snoozing in the sand, a visit to the beach means fun.

The only equipment you need is a twelve-inch deep pail, a small plastic shovel, and plenty of moist sand. 50 Topic Suggestions for an Essay Developed by. For this process essay on sports, I am going to focus on a sports that is fast becoming popular amongst many nations of the world.

Even though it is traditionally considered to be a very boring sport, many exciting new changes are occurring in this game and it is called for a renewed interest from countries all over the world, including the US and .

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Process analysis essay on volleyball

Volleyball is a team game which has six players that play on either side of the net. A set of rules decide the .

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Free volleyball essay. volleyball analysis - GCSE Physical Education (Sport & Coaching volleyball analysis The objective of the volleyball spike is to receive the ball off the setter and return the ball Related GCSE Exercise and Training essays.

Example essay process analysis volleyball