Intel science talent search essays

Hacking the Intel Science Talent Search 15 April To help you tackle your scholarship essays this spring and summer, Story To College and College Greenlight are bringing you guides to answering scholarship essays each Tuesday.

Intel science talent search essays

This article was written when Intel was still the sponsor. I want to encourage others to realize how fun and exciting science competitions can be they are not just a bunch of geeks talking about nuclear fusion! I hope students are inspired to enter science competitions after they understand the nature of these competitions and all of the great things you can gain from them.

I thought it would be good to link to some introductory material first, before jumping into my day-by-day journal. What is the Intel Science Talent Search?

Intel uses these words to describe it: The application Intel science talent search essays due on November I had visions of getting it done a week early I did most of my research over the summer, but this application is bigger than most college applications, not even counting the research paper.

The typical activities, interests, and hobbies questions Questions about your favorite courses, your career plans, and what you hope to contribute to science Information on the most influential person in your scientific career and a short essay explaining why Standardized test scores including PSAT!

Lots of things in that app! I already had my paper in good shape because I had also entered the Siemens Westinghouse competition http: Only a couple requirements were able to be "recycled" stuff from college applications.

Honestly, the requirement that bothered me the most only took 5 seconds to fill out. Mine are bad, and they are ancient history. What do they want them for? Oh well, I kept working. I thought of a play on words for one of the essay questions: What have you done that demonstrates your scientific attitude?

Do you discriminate between pertinent and non-pertinent evidence in solving a problem?

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Do you "try it and see? Diving right into a problem is generally not a great idea. Whether it is a science, math, or experimental problem, thinking about the problem before trying to solve it yields the best results.

For example, if I have a physics or chemistry problem, I always draw a picture of what is happening.

Intel science talent search essays

This picture allows me to visualize what is going on. Non-pertinent data becomes obvious, and I can ignore it. By thinking about the "big picture" of how everything fits together, I actually "see it and try" instead of "try it and see.

Even if I do plan everything out, I may still run into difficulties, though. If I have no idea why my results are so strange, I walk through the procedure one step at a time, looking for potential errors.

In effect, I dissect the procedure, adding in variables only after I am sure each one is not causing the conundrum. That came out at words, way short of the maximum, but I decided making it longer would not make it better. I finally got the application done a couple days before it was due.

What did people do before overnight shipping services? So all I could do was wait. No luck—they thought of that trick. They posted the results! I am a semi-finalist!Creativity is futureproof. Creativity is human.

It’s global.

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