Case study on mis information system in restaurant

Many drugs and vaccines are not tested, citing an archaic law that all they have to do is state that they are similar to an already approved drug; even if that drug or vaccine has been shown to be harmful. I strongly suggest banking your child's eggs or sperm before allowing your teen or pre-teen to receive the Gardasil HPV vaccine.

Case study on mis information system in restaurant

Construction in Mexico City often violates safety standards, a practice fueled by corruption. Some people died in the quake. Photo courtesy of Blanca Eligio.

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When she took office inshe launched an investigation into construction manifests granted to developers by her predecessors. The developer was granted the right to build four apartments, but built 15 instead. Following the earthquake, city officials disclosed to the Mexican Senate that a staggeringbuildings in the city are susceptible to collapse in earthquakes.

The lack of maintenance, the geological characteristics and the conditions of the subsoil in the city are not the only elements that pose risks for the structural integrity of these buildings. Corrupt exchanges between authorities and real estate companies produce a growing chain of irregularities in construction and land use that further compromise building safety.

Through revisions of building plans and other records, the study found that basic structural information was ambiguous or often absent entirely. Roughly 70 percent of the structures had weak floors. Sudden Growth and Lax Standards Dramatic population growth in the s, combined with aggressive public policies for housing between andspurred substantial development in the Mexican capital.

Dozens of cookie-cutter housing developments and apartment buildings quickly emerged. What was slow, well behind the pace of construction, was oversight of construction standards and basic services such as running water.

This disorderly and voracious urban growth led to rampant outlaw construction. Some 4, illegally developed buildings popped up in Mexico City alone, according to Josefina MacGregor, president of the civic group Suma Urbana.

DROs are selected by fellow architects and engineers, and then certified by the government. But the builders pay DROs for their service, which activists say creates a conflict of interest.

The regulator is also the official body in charge of issuing land use certificates. DROs are supposed to report errors in building plans or construction.

Case study on mis information system in restaurant

DROs who fail to do so can be suspended, fined, lose their licenses or in the most egregious of cases, face jail time. The Lone Ranger While buildings may fall, corruption stands on a firm foundation, built by the many who profit from illicit construction.

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In Junethe government of the State of Mexico revoked his appointment as public notary. The problem is that the next delegation chief can do the opposite.

This unholy alliance was exposed by the damage caused by the September quake. Reckoning after earthquake The impact of the earthquake not only brought down schools, housing units, shops and offices but also highlighted the lack of supervision over construction as an outgrowth of corruption.Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more.

A Strategic Information System (SIS) is a system to manage information and assist in strategic decision making. A strategic information system has been defined as, “The information system to support or change enterprise’s strategy.” Simply says, a Strategic Information System is a type of Information System that is aligned with business strategy and structure.

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Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more.

Case study on mis information system in restaurant
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