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Beginning March 10,users can enjoy optimized mobile access to www. The mobile website launch coincides with the run up to Saffronart's Spring Online Auction of Modern and Contemporary Indian Art which will take place on March 16 - 17, The Saffronart mobile website places an emphasis on expanding access to the information that collectors want, while improving the ease and speed of their online experience.

Case 1 saffronart

For Dinesh and Minal Vaziranithe couple behind the premier, homegrown auction house, after 18 years and auctions, they have a cartload of memories about their journey in the business of art, both online and off it.

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Through the years, the couple has always explored uncharted territory. They would pull out three or four works to show, and that became the benchmark [for pricing]. When they decided to take their art online, it was still the time of dial-up modems.

But back then, it was all new. So the couple decided to stick with art. It also helped that the art scene was more informal back then.

Case 1 saffronart

One of the first Indian collectors Dinesh met was jeweller Dinesh Jhaveri. Another interaction the two recall fondly, is with their all-time favourite artist FN Souza. He sketched two works and told us to fill in the colour.

We signed in front, while he put his signature on the back.

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The result, inwas bankruptcy. Like the rest of the art world, Saffronart, too, was hit by the financial slump ofthough the couple insists the market is now turning again. The depth, richness and aesthetic history of [Indian art] is so under-appreciated.

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We loved the teakwood campaign desk (estimated value Rs 1,24,) and the art deco ‘Aeroplane’ tea set (estimated between Rs 25, – 35,). Browse through the slideshow to see the rest of.

Arriving late for an art auction (in this case Saffronart's Modern Masters Auction), I now know, can never be good. For one, the drinks that might carry you through the .

Moving away from art and jewellery, Saffronart is putting together its first, exclusive gentleman's sale. And they're looking for consignments for the auction, which will .

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