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In addition to the last few Complete series books muddying the waters a bit about what it means to be a Fighter, Wizard, or Cleric, saw the release of Magic of Incarnum. It introduced a completely new power source for characters. Unfortunately the way it was designed was somewhat flawed.

Apothesis oh fort

Bumblebee 1 Wanted to do the Ongoing, but couldn't find any of the issues except for the Thundercracker one. Can't be bothered to search for it in the internet, so here goes. Bloody hell, the art really sucks.

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The Hanging Sword Written By: Zander Cannon Art By: Chee Yang Ong Colours By: Moose Baumann Edits By: Ratchet does his best to help Bumblebee through the pressure.

Tension among the Autobots are apparently high Omega Supreme doesn't like being in a cave, for starters, and people like Wheeljack don't take 'Bee seriously. Wheeljack receives a transmission from Colonel Gordon Horiuchi, a rogue Skywatch agent, who proposes an alliance with the Autobots.

Wheeljack makes contact without telling the others. Bumblebee and Ratchet are furious Apothesis oh fort Wheeljack when they find out about this, but have no other choice than to meet up with this Colonel.

Meanwhile, Skywarp raids a weapons depot, stockpiling weaponry in anticipation of Megatron's return. Meanwhile, the Autobots meet Horiuchi's men, who gives Bumblebee a set of badges that will mask Transformer signals from Skywatch's scanners.

Bumblebee takes the badges back to base where they are soon installed on all the Autobots. Soon, the Autobots face off with a deraged Frenzy, who has been killing cows and is simply nuts without Soundwave.

Their next target would be Scavenger, but Horiuchi replaces him with Blurr who had earlier gone off with Hot Rod during the split. Cliffjumper protests, but Horiuchi activates an inhibitor on the badge which forces Cliffjumper into vehicle mode. It's clear that the Autobots are now pawns for Skywatch It's just Bumblebee, for Spark's sake For what it's worth, like the ongoing, credit must be given to the decent dialogue.

Skywarp shows promise it's nice to see him given monologue after being left in the backburner so long. The scene with Bee and Ratchet early on is well-scripted, and it's nice to see that we get to know about the main character from the very first issue, unlike Megatron in AHM.

However, the art isn't. The colourist seems to be using colours of the light gradient almost exclusively, and block colouring is very rampant in this issue.

Unlike, say Wildman or Senior, Chee doesn't leave sharp pencils for the colourist to recognize the character. See if you can identify anyone standing behind Bluestreak and Wheeljack in the crowd scene.

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Or see if you can identify the Autobots going to catch Frenzy. In fact, anything at the background looks like the artist couldn't be bothered to draw it properly, a fact made worse by the lack of an inker.

It's a stark contrast to the sharp IDW art we've seen so far. With, say, AHM, even though you get some lousy issues the art is still colourful and nice to see. What's more jarring than the half-arsed art is the characterization. While Wheeljack's dialogue is well-scripted, it doesn't change the fact that he was a jovial wise-cracking inventor in the Furmanverse series, and even had some friendly camaraderie with Bumblebee in AHM.

Even in Ongoing 2 Wheeljack is still jovial when he tells Bumblebee that he won the election. Zander turns him into Prowl to complement Bumblebee's Grimlock.

I suppose it's the same reason why they decided to stick with G1 Bumblebee's design although all the other comics are using the IDW redesign, including AHM. It's a nice touch to let Frenzy and Ratchet retain their previous characterizations, and for Omega to speak normally again, though.

There are several pages where dialogue could be cut down. The nine-frame pages filled to the brim with dull conversation are what I call superfluous.

It's as if Zander Cannon decided to cram as much dialogue inside.Find this Pin and more on Very Ancient Ancestors by Janet McKee. Dunbeath Castle is located on the east coast of Caithness, 2 kilometres mi) south of Dunbeath, in northern Scotland.

Apothesis oh fort

Although a castle has stood here since the century, the present building is of mainly origin, with extensions. Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA - Sunday, June 29, at (EDT) I am very anxious about going to visit this acclamed museum and indeed intend to.

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