Analysis of the paint industry

The per capita paint consumption in India which is a little over 4 kgs is still very low as compared to the developed western nations. Therefore, as the country develops and modernizes, the per capita paint consumption is bound to increase. In the unorganised segment, there are about 2, units having small and medium sized paint manufacturing plants. Demand for paints comes from two broad categories:

Analysis of the paint industry

Properties such as flexibility, corrosion resistance and superior adhesion are expected to favor demand for applications used in end-use industries such as Industrial, transportation, constructions and marine. Global epoxy resins market size is estimated to exceed USD 12 billion by Taiwan and India epoxy surface coatings market size is likely to witness significant rates of more than 5.

Increase in construction spending, particularly in emerging regions of Latin America, MEA and Asia Pacific is likely to drive epoxy surface coatings market. China led the region with an estimated construction spending of approximately USD 1. Rapid industrialization in Asia Pacific is also another factor likely to drive market growth.

They are used in flooring applications in commercial and industrial application such as retail stores, warehoused, showrooms, hospital and garages. Decorative options on floor applications include chip flooring, colored aggregate flooring and terrazzo flooring. Growth witnessed in automobile production over the past few years is likely to drive epoxy surface coatings market price, particularly in Asia Pacific.

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Automobile manufacturers are shifting manufacturing base to countries such as Thailand and Indonesia owing to government incentive schemes and cheap labor wages. Countries such as China and India are witnessing population expansion and growth in per-capita middle class disposable income which us expected to drive automobile demand in Asia Pacific.

They are used for preventing rust and corrosion on automobile body and key metal components.

Analysis of the paint industry

It is used as a primer for ensuring paint adhesion on automobile parts. Epoxy coatings are also used for applications in end-user industries such as electrical, metal cans, marine and consumer goods.

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Electrical industries use it in printed circuit panel applications. They are also used for power coatings on driers, washers and numerous white goods as it is easy to apply as well as durable.

China has also increased epoxy resins production capacity over the past few years owing to meet the demand. India epoxy coatings market dominated regional industry, with powder based coating leading the demand.

Some of the countries in this region such as Indonesia and Thailand are major automobile manufacturers and are key shipbuilding participants. These aforementioned factors are expected to be drive market.

Europe is likely to witness sluggish gains over the forecast period and is likely to witness an increase in demand owing to growth of automobile industry, particularly in Germany, France and UK.

North America is likely to witness below average growth rates over the forecast period. The global epoxy surface coatings market share is moderately consolidated.

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The coatings industry in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan is mature and generally correlates with the health of the economy, especially housing, construction, and transportation.

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The first step in making paint involves mixing the pigment with resin, solvents, and additives to form a paste.

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If the paint is to be for industrial use, it usually is then routed into a sand mill, a large cylinder that agitates tiny particles of sand or silica to grind the pigment particles, making them smaller and dispersing them throughout the mixture.

Paint analysis for historical information - Daniel Friedman. The examples discussed in this paint failure analysis article use building exterior paint failures (and remedies), but many interior paint failures and even some paint failures on artworks, paintings and artifacts are similar their origin and cure.

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