Advantages of aerodynamics for modern performance

The reason for their wing shape is structural, however, not aerodynamic. Your photo shows the version, called "Baden-Baden Stolz", which was a follow-on to the original and more ambitious version of

Advantages of aerodynamics for modern performance

Splitter A leading edge on the front of the car, relatively parallel to the ground, which attempts to keep high pressure air on top of the car, rather than flowing underneath it. The high pressure pushes down on the splitter, also helping to create downforce.

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Dive Planes These fixtures are typically located on the right and left sides of the front bumper see belowand are curved to redirect airflow at the front of the vehicle upward, thus creating downforce.

Hood Vents Ventilated hoods allow for a clean exit for the air passing through the radiator, and they also help to maintain airflow through the engine bay, increasing cooling.

NACA Ducts These air scoops are designed to have minimal impact on airflow, while still creating an inlet for airflow.

Advantages of aerodynamics for modern performance

Side Vents Side vents can be seen behind the front or rear wheels, allowing for airflow to exit the wheel wells which typically remains turbulent from the rotation of the wheels. These can also be used to channel hot air out from the engine bay.

Side Skirt Side skirts are somewhat similar in principle to splitters. They are in place, and typically as low as possible, in order to prevent high pressure air from moving underneath the vehicle. Underbelly For racing, these are often smooth and flat to minimise drag and reduce turbulence underneath the vehicle.

In combination with the diffuser, the lower pressure air under the vehicle can create significant downforce. Diffuser A diffuser is a portion of the underbody which is shaped to create a location of increasingly larger air volume below the rear of the car.

This allows for fast-moving low pressure air underneath the car to decelerate and expand at the rear of the vehicle.

Advantages of aerodynamics for modern performance

The diffuser helps to accelerate the air underneath the car which reduces its pressure, thus improving downforce. It can also help redirect the airflow upward, further improving downforce. Spoiler Not to be confused with a rear wing, spoilers on race cars are used to prevent lift by placing an obstruction in the path of lift-creating airflow.

This causes the path of the air to change, so that the airflow at the rear of the vehicle leaves in a horizontal or upward manner, thus not producing lift. Flaps on the wings spoilers will lift, minimising lift and creating drag, both of which assist in slowing the plane down.


Rear Wing For automotive use, wings much like on planes are airfoils, however they are designed to directly deflect airflow upwards, pushing down on the vehicle. Airflow interacting with the wing is forced up, so the vehicle is forced down. However, the benefit of downforce comes at the expense of additional drag.Advantages of Aerodynamics for Modern Performance Cars Thesis: Aerodynamics, the effects of air flow over surfaces, is an indispensable element for modern cars' efficiencies, both economics and performance related, because aerodynamics helps to decrease the dragforce, makes cars more stabilized and gives a chance of reducing fuel consumption.

The basic advantage of a delta wing aircraft with a canard is in essence, there’s no normal way to truly stall the aircraft. It can go into very deep AoA, and require a lot of altitude to recover (or massive extra thrust, like a full afterburner) but the wing control surfaces never (fully) stall.

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Feb 04,  · Engineering Explained: 10 Aerodynamic Features Of Race Cars There are three main reasons for improving aerodynamics on race cars from a performance standpoint: cooling, downforce, and minimizing timberdesignmag.coms: Advantages Of Aerodynamics For Modern Performance Cars.

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Exploring The Academic Administrator Divide1. The aerodynamic consequences of a T-tail have most to do with stability and control in stall and post-stall behaviour, and can be grave. The Fokker 28 and F had stick pushers that acted upon detecting a high angle of attack, making it pretty much impossible to keep the columns at aft position.

Modern aerodynamics only dates back to the seventeenth century, but aerodynamic forces have been harnessed by humans for thousands of years in sailboats and windmills, and images and stories of flight appear throughout recorded history, such as the Ancient Greek legend of Icarus and Daedalus.

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