Abortion and breast cancer abc in the united states of america

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Abortion and breast cancer abc in the united states of america

These organizations include the World Health Organizationthe U. National Cancer Institute, which is part of the National Institutes of Health[28] found that "induced abortion is not associated with an increase in breast cancer risk", assigning this conclusion the strongest possible evidence rating.

More rigorous recent studies demonstrate no causal relationship between induced abortion and a subsequent increase in breast cancer risk. Brind is strongly anti-abortion and began lobbying politicians with the claim that abortion caused breast cancer in the early s.

Abortion and breast cancer abc in the united states of america

He therefore collaborated with two anti-abortion physicians and a statistician to publish a article in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, [33] arguing that induced abortion was a risk factor for breast cancer. I don't think the issue has been resolved. When we were talking about the conclusions, he [Brind] wanted to make the strongest statements.

I tried to temper them a little bit, but Dr.

Abortion and breast cancer abc in the united states of america

Brind is very adamant about his opinion. InBrind was invited to the NCI workshop on abortion and breast cancer, where he was the only one to formally dissent from the workshop's finding that there is no link between the two.

Brind blames the lack of support for his findings on a conspiracy, arguing that the NCI and other major medical organizations are engaged in a "cover-up" for the purpose of "protecting the abortion industry". In early pregnancy, levels of estrogenprogesteroneestradiol increase, leading to breast growth in preparation for lactation.

Proponents speculate that if this process is interrupted by an abortion or miscarriage—before full maturity differentiation in the third trimester—then more immature cells could be left than there were prior to the pregnancy. These immature cells could then be exposed to carcinogens and hormones over time, resulting in a greater potential risk of breast cancer.

This mechanism was first proposed and explored in rat studies conducted in the s. There are four types of lobules: Type 1 has 11 ductules immature Type 2 has 47 ductules immature Type 3 has 80 ductules mature, fewer hormone receptors Type 4 are fully matured cancer resistant and contain breast milk During early pregnancy, type 1 lobules quickly become type 2 lobules because of changes in estrogen and progesterone levels.

Maturing into type 3 and then reaching full differentiation as type 4 lobules requires an increase of human placental lactogen hPL which occurs in the last few months of pregnancy.

The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link is America's Best Kept Secret

According to the abortion—breast cancer hypothesis, if an abortion were to interrupt this sequence then it could leave a higher ratio of type 2 lobules than existed prior to the pregnancy.

During the s several studies by Brian MacMahon et al. Their paper published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute inaccurately [2] concluded that "where a relationship was observed, abortion was associated with increased, not decreased, risk.

While results did suggest that rats who had interrupted pregnancies might be subject to "similar or even higher incidence of benign lesions" than virgin rats, there was no evidence to suggest that abortion would result in a higher incidence of carcinogenesis.

Abortion and Cancer Risk

A more thorough examination of the phenomenon was conducted inconfirming the results. Such studies are considered more reliable than retrospective studies and case-control studies.Some anti-abortion activists have continued to advance a discredited causal link between abortion and breast cancer.

In the United States, Joel Brind, a faculty member at Baruch College in the Department of Natural Sciences, is the primary advocate of an abortion–breast cancer ("ABC") link. The ACS (American Cancer Society) reports that one of every nine women in the United States will develop breast cancer by age Breast cancer has risen dramatically in America by 50% since (Roe vs Wade) and is also increasing worldwide.

The Abortion–Breast Cancer Connection under question is the evidence linking abortion to an increased risk of breast cancer (ABC link). The ABC link has been an issue that has been in and out of the limelight abortion in the United States, Cates expressed his concern: “There is some concern.

Abortion-Breast Cancer Research to 1994 Epidemiology, like any branch of medical science, functions within a social and historical context. That context influences what questions are asked, how they are investigated, and how their conclusions are interpreted, both by researchers and by the public.
Background Part 3 Post-Abortion syndrome. Anti-hate group criticizes inaccuracies.
Abortion and Cancer Risk These organizations include the World Health Organizationthe U.
Abortion's Link to Breast Cancer Email Growing evidence confirms that abortions take more than an emotional toll on those who obtain them.
New Study Confirms Evidence of Abortion/Breast Cancer Link Workshop participants reviewed existing population-based, clinicaland animal studies on the relationship between pregnancy and breast cancer risk, including studies of induced and spontaneous abortions. A summary of their findings can be found below in the Summary Report:

As usual, pro-lifers and pro-choicers promote different beliefs about a possible Abortion-Breast Cancer (ABC) linkage: Most pro-life groups assert that an ABC link exists; i.e.

that if a woman has an abortion, her chance of contracting breast cancer increases. The American College of Pediatricians has urged health care providers to educate women about the link between abortion and breast cancer. Breitbart: Pediatricians Warn of Abortion-Breast Cancer Link “Women in America have the right to informed consent.

Orient is horrified that young women in the United States are not given informed. The Abortion-Breast Cancer Link is America's Best Kept Secret Being a physician and having heard talk of a possible link between abortions and breast cancer, I decided to investigate this very serious matter.

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