A comparison of big bang and steady state theories of creation

The Steady State Theory was developed in the late s. This chapter offers an overview of this theory as well as comparing it to the Big Bang theory. What is the Steady State Theory?

A comparison of big bang and steady state theories of creation

Elements in the Ocean The first signs of trouble for the steady state model came not from optical telescopes but from radio astronomy.

A comparison of big bang and steady state theories of creation

One of the pioneers in this endeavor was a physicist from the Cavendish Laboratory at Cambridge: Unlike Hoyle, whose father was a wool and textiles merchant, Ryle came from a privileged background—his father was physician to King George VI—and he had received the best of what private education could offer.

After some pioneering radio observations of the Sun in the late s, Ryle and his group embarked on an ambitious program to detect radio sources beyond the solar system. Unfortunately, since most of the sources did not have visible counterparts, there was no way to determine their distances precisely.

Ryle began picking apart the steady state model by evaluating one of its testable predictions—that distant parts of the universe should look exactly the same as the local cosmic environment.

A comparison of big bang and steady state theories of creation

He started to collect a large sample of radio sources, and to count how many of them there were at different intensity intervals. Since he had no way of knowing the actual distances to most sources they were beyond the detection range of optical telescopesRyle made the simplest assumption: He found that there were dramatically more weak sources than strong ones.

In other words, it seemed that the density of sources at distances of billions of light-years and therefore representing the universe billions of years ago was much higher than the current density nearby. This was clearly at odds with a model of a never-changing universe, but it could be made consistent with a cosmos evolving from a big bang, if one assumed correctly, as we now recognize that galaxies were more prone to emit intense radio signals in their youth than at present, in their older age.

By then, Ryle and Hoyle had become engaged in a series of intellectual skirmishes, culminating in one particularly unpleasant incident.

Compare and contrast the Big Bang theory and the Steady State theory

Hoyle later described this traumatic experience in his autobiographical book Home Is Where the Wind Blows. It all started with what appeared to be an innocent phone call from the Mullard company in early The person at the other end of the line invited Hoyle and his wife to attend a press conference at which Ryle was expected to present new results that were supposed to be of great interest to Hoyle.

Unfortunately, what Hoyle found utterly unthinkable did happen. When Ryle appeared, rather than making a brief announcement, as advertised, he launched into a technical, jargon-filled lecture on the results of his larger, fourth survey.

He finished by claiming confidently that the results now showed unambiguously a higher density of radio sources in the past, therefore proving the steady state theory wrong. The shocked Hoyle was merely asked to comment on the results.

Incredulous and humiliated, he barely mumbled a few sentences and rushed away from the event. The media frenzy that followed in the subsequent days disgusted Hoyle to the point that he avoided phone calls for a week and was absent even from the following Royal Astronomical Society meeting on February Even Ryle realized that the press conference had crossed the border of common decency.Feb 14,  · A video about the succession of discoveries relating to the Big Bang Theory and Steady State Theory.

Big Bang theory script Science and . Big Bang Does the Big Bang Fit with the but it is perfectly consistent with the Bible’s account of creation, These included a steady-state theory and plasma.

The Big Bang Theory vs. The Steady State Theory and the Steady State Theory.

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Both theories almost to the moment of creation, the Big Bang Theory makes. 2. Two Competing Theories of the Universe Big Bang vs.

Steady State. Both assume a homogeneous, isotropic Universe. no edge. no center. every part looks the same (on average, i.e. over a large. Modern Beliefs Regarding the Creation of the Universe. An Introduction to the Comparison of the Big Bang and Steady State Theory. 1, words. 3 pages.

The Origin of the Universe: An Analysis of the Cosmological Models, Big Bang and Steady State.

Big Bang or Steady State? (Cosmology: Ideas)

1, words. 4 pages. A Comparison of Big Bang and Steady State Theories of Creation. 1, words. That there was a creation event as described in Genesis is indisputably confirmed by this week’s Big Bang scientific breakthrough, an Israeli physicist who is also an Orthodox Jew claims.


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