4 what strategic alternatives are available to minoli

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4 what strategic alternatives are available to minoli

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. I wanted you to begin by recognising that this was a turnaround situation, with Ducati in close to bankruptcy. A new management team led by Minoli changed strategy with clear objectives of aggressive growth within a niche of the sports segment and competing as a focussed differentiator.

The logic of the turnaround can be conceptualised as follows a Ducati reduced costs without affecting the WTP for the physical product i.

Major reductions were in motorcycle material costs from The essence of the turnaround was the decision to focus on the intangible attributes while not compromising the physical ones. I wanted you to communicate conceptually how the combination of trade-offs and fit can protect a company from imitators.

Then develop an argument that clearly states that the incompatibilities wrt intangibles between Honda and Ducati are so severe that if Honda were to try to create a community and emphasise heritage etc, it would confuse its own customers and maybe undermine its own reputation.

Mention also other incompatibilities wrt activities and resources e. Also explain why setting up a separate entity as a way for Honda to mitigate these incompatibilities is fraught with difficulties such as time lags and the need to share resources and transfer knowledge etc.

Developing strategic alternatives depends on the objectives to be achieved and the companies need to sustain competitive advantage whilst achieving these objectives.

These issues in turn depend on the key strategic challenges the company is facing internally areas of vulnerability or external threats and the available opportunities to exploit. However, a key constraint for focussed differentiators is that the very factors that brought them success i.

Another challenge for focussed differentiators is that their small size places them at a cost disadvantage. There are opportunities to grow available within the sports segment by 1 fully globalising their particular niche of the sports segment into other geographical regions such as Asia etc.

This analysis summarises the strategy alternatives into two growth options 1 stay within the sports segment and grow and 2 diversify into the cruiser segment. Wrt cruiser option, you can start by doing some numbers to show the attractiveness of the option see class slides.

The payback amount of bikes is quite small around bikes out of a market of bikes. In addition, you can note that Ducati has technical advantages that would confer a competitive advantage technically in the cruiser segment.

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The real danger to point out is that by entering the cruiser segment, Ducati might blur its position in its core market.

Ducati may alienate its core customers because it may have to tweak some of its activities to accommodate the cruiser e. This leaves you with option 1. You may want to recommend that Ducati adopts the strategy option of staying within their niche of the sports segment but globalise it more fully and at the same time increase its presence in the complementary apparel business and target more women etc.

A key argument for this strategy option is that it is broadly consistent with its original position and is unlikely to create any incompatibilities with respect to its image and reputation, activities and resources. This strategy option solves the key weakness of Ducati of high fixed costs by providing economies of scale opportunities but risks attracting the wrath of the established companies such as Honda.

However, the assumption is that Ducati has now done enough in terms of trade-offs and positioning to get some protection from the bigger companies. You can add a couple of lines in Q3 or 4 to substantiate arguments with references from the case. I expect your write-up to include proper referencing as usual.

Here I am just pointing out the many areas of argument as I would have expected from you. Some of these issues are also in the slides.

4 what strategic alternatives are available to minoli

The operational effectiveness was the key factor to gain the second most profitable motorcyclae maker. Can Honda and the other Japanese manufacturers stop its growth in this segment?

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In the sport motorcycle industry; Ducati manufacturing sophisticated motorcycle and there no big gap between Ducati products and the Japanese products.

Thus there are such way the Japanese motorcycle manufacturing can takeover Ducati and stop its growth. I recommend a combination of maintain and protect Ducati market Nich and continue to excel in advance engineering.

They need to maintain the target market Nich because high performance motorcycle is what has been recognized by customer. At the same time they need to excel in advance engineering to stay presence in the sport motorcycle.

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A worldwide motorcycle icon that had been in business since was on the verge on bankruptcy in late before it was purchased by the Texas Pacific Group. Frederico Minoli was widely known as being a turnaround experience expert, and he already had previous experience with a Texas Pacific Group partner named Abel Halpern.What is the fundamental economic logic of Minoli’s turnaround?

2. Can Ducati sustain its position in the sport segment? What strategic alternatives are available to Minoli in 4. Which alternative would you recommend? Why? Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Rhetoric and reality in air warfare: The evolution of British and American ideas about strategic bombing, {Princeton studies in international history and .

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4 what strategic alternatives are available to minoli

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